Yoga on Main creates a very comfortable environment for learning. There is no competition in any way. We are all treated as individuals regardless of our level of experience, age or body type. This is very important to me and keeps me motivated to continue my practice. Each class is new and exciting and builds my knowledge and experience. The classes are well thought out and planned by the instructors. Participation is fun, rewarding and gives me pause for reflection and introspect. I find that practicing yoga has made me calmer and able to deal with stress better. Those aches and pains that I tried unsuccessfully to remedy through physical and massage therapy are no longer a problem now that I am doing yoga. Leila is so very special. She coaches us quietly and privately. It is evident how important to her it is to provide the support we need to make our practice meaningful. Her smiles are angelic.
~Holly C
I had been searching for a yoga class for some time.  A good friend recommended Angie, she thought she would be a perfect fit   She was right.  Angie made me feel so welcome, when I was so nervous.  Soon after I started I needed neck surgery.  When I returned Angie made me feel so at ease and worked with me week by week.  I now have more strength and movement that I had every hoped to have.  The benefits of yoga just keep on growing and I learn something new every week.  I have learned to breath through difficult times and have found so much strength within me.    Thank you, Angie, for helping me through this journey.  I am truly a yogi for life.  You are the best!

Angie's class is a great combination of challenging flow and strength combined with restorative practice and philosophy. She creates a safe space and community where we can ask questions, learn modifications to suit our own body and trust that she's watching out for us. I so appreciate Angie's passion and affection for teaching and I'm so very grateful to be in her class and to know her as a friend.

~Laura D.

I stumbled upon yoga quite by accident about 10+ years ago when it was being taught as an outreach ministry at the church where I worked part time.  After about 2 months of classes, I could touch my toes for the first time in 40 years!  Having medium to severe arthritis, yoga keeps me flexible enough that I can walk, bend, and most importantly, wash my back (which I was unable to do for many years)!  I don't intend to EVER give it up unless in my later years it becomes a medical necessity. Joanne, I thank you EVERY DAY for taking on this wonderful class!

~Pat H.

I have taken yoga a number of times over the past 12 years experiencing different levels of yoga.   I'm at a time in my life where "yoga for seniors" is more applicable to my station in life.   I'm still an active, health conscious person and plan to continue to follow that path.   I'm certainly feeling better with the amount of flexibility I have developed with the stretching and balance positions that we practice.   The relaxation is something I use at night if I'm having difficulty getting to sleep.  It does help.   We have a small, intimate size group of ladies and I feel very comfortable within our group.  Our instructor (Joanne) is very conscious of our individual needs and restrictions and places great importance on individual safety and benefits of each yoga position.   In addition to all of the wonderful benefits mentioned above, it's a fun and invigorating class.   I love it!!!!

~Cherie M.

Thank you Leila! I learned so much from your class. I make an intention every day to use something I learned in class during my day. I really hope our paths will cross again soon.   My comment would be: A great way to quiet your mind and leave the stress and worries of the day behind you. 

~Nellie M.

I started yoga classes initially for stretching and working on back and hip issues.  While the hip did need surgery, my back has been in great shape, with only occasional twinges.  Yoga has helped flexibility, and especially after my hip surgery.  It often has shown me areas of stretching, range of motion, etc. that need to be worked on for greater flexibility.  And, shivasana is a wonderful relaxation tool.

~Urmi R.

I think yoga has improved my flexibility.  It's fun to get out and meet some new people too!


I attend yoga for not quite as many reasons as there are asanas. Some of the main reasons include stretching, relaxing and allowing my body to be challenged to attain its greatest strength. I also use breathing techniques to reduce stress and incorporate mountain pose when standing on long lines, which helps to keep me grounded when there is a register glitch at Walmart. Personal gratification is a particular benefit along with practicing in the company of like-minded folks. I also appreciate instructors who share hints of healthy living, i.e. eat green leafy veggies in the winter.

~Sonia U.