Can you breathe?  Then you're already practicing yoga!  You're invited to explore or deepen your practice with us at Yoga on Main, where:
  • we teach, practice and embrace Yoga For Every Body
  • teachers guide you with compassion and respect
  • you can learn to bring poses to meet your body, safely
  • students and teachers alike cultivate beginner's mind, growing and learning together
  • we're committed to building a nurturing, supportive community
Check out our classes and workshops on this site, or contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.  We'd be honored to share in your yoga journey and look forward to meeting you! 

Yoga on Main is a cooperatively-managed space available for yoga, wellness and related activities (
suitable for any activity that doesn't require shoes.) We operate as a yoga co-op, with each teacher paying part of the rent and helping with management and housekeeping. Students pay each teacher directly for classes. We would love to see the space used to offer more wellness-related activities to those in our Fuquay-Varina community and surrounding areas! Contact us to find out more about using the space.